Select Shades were created by Tradewinds Fragrance in 2002 and quickly became a best seller for Soap, Bath, and Body Colorants
In 2012 I purchased Select Shades and have continued to deliver the quality product you have come to expect.

Select Shades is a one-woman operation and I promise my customers quick shipping and quality customer service.
If there is anything I can do for you please contact me!

Thank You
Linda Main


Select Shades are a blending of FD&C and D&C Dyes.

They are highly concentrated liquid color additives which can be used in all Bath & Body and Soap products that ARE NOT waxed-based.
These are water-soluble dyes.

Select Shades are based on only 8 Basic Colors. With these colors you can create thousands of possible beautiful perfect shades, color match different products by using the color chart, and not worry about a lot of extra liquid being added to your product.